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How Eating at Home Can Save Your Life

In 1900, a whopping 98% of meals were eaten at home, but as of 2010, only 50% of meals were eaten at home. A recent study has found that people who frequently cook meals at home eat less fat, carbs and sugar than people who don't. In fact, this healthy trend is applicable even if you're not trying to [...]

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Tips for Cooking Chicken and Pork

Poultry is ready to serve once the internal temperature* reaches 165-170˚F, or when juices run clear.Pork is ready to serve when the internal temperature* reaches 165-170˚F, or ounce juices run clear.To cut raw meat more easily, it may help to thoroughly chill it first.1 pound of raw chicken equals 2 cups of cooked meat.When it comes to searing [...]

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Pressure Cooker Corned Beef and Cabbage

EQUIPMENT: Induction pressure cooker, induction cooker, cutting board, French chef knife, measuring cup and spoons, knife carving set PREPARATION TIME: 1½-2 hours – Makes 6 servings 1 (21⁄2 - 3 pound) point cut corned beef brisket with spice pack1 medium onion, quartered6 stalks celery, cut 1 inch4-5 garlic cloves, peeled and crushed3 bay [...]

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How to Remove Coffee Stains from a Stainless Steel Pot

A stainless steel coffee pot doesn't stain easily and it is relatively easy to clean. But over time, coffee stains will have a tendency to build up and it can be a challenge to get the inside bright and shiny again. Here are a few proven methods, using common household supplies that will remove your coffee stains from your favorite [...]

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The origin of this world favorite dish may be in question. Like the New York Giants and Jets, who are in reality NFL teams that play in New Jersey, Manhattan Clam Chowder may have been stolen from the Garden State by those New York City rascals as well.Prior to refrigeration and the automobile, hotels and inns typically developed their [...]

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How To Cook Perfect Pasta

To cook perfect pasta, you will need approximately 5-quarts per pound of pasta. A too-small pot and too little water encourages the pasta to clump and stick together, thus cooking unevenly.My Health Craft 6½-quart tall stockpot and 6-quart pasta colander was created specifically for cook one pound (16 ounces) of all pasta. Place the 6-quart pasta [...]

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​Little Known Facts about the Culinary History of New Jersey by Chef Charles Knight

The Original Spiral Slicer was designed by Executive Chef Charles Ranhofer of Leland’s Ocean Hotel Resort in Long Branch, New Jersey in 1894 to create his famous “Pommes de Terre Long Branch” – later known as Curly Fries.Now you can be a Rock Star Chef in your own kitchen with a modern replica of the Original Spiral Slicer in stainless [...]

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Oil Core Electric Skillet and Saucepan Temperature Chart

Portable Convenience Automatically Controlled Precise Cooking Temperatures Immersible for Easy CleaningSetting TemperaturesOil Core | Liquid CoreWarm175°F (79°C)Crockpot cooking, waterless cooking for crispy vegetablesSimmer-Low175°F - 200°F Waterless cooking fruits and vegetables, cooked throughMed-Low200°F (93°C)Baking cakes, casserolesMed-Low210°F (99°C)Hot cereals, baked meatloaf, casseroles, lasagna Med-Low225°F (110°C)Sauces, gravies, roasting meat after browningMed250°F (121°C)Eggs; fried, scrambled and omeletsMed275°F (135°C)SteamingMed300°F (150°C)Sauté [...]

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A Dessert to Celebrate the Jewish Holiday of Purim

Purim commemorates the deliverance of the Jewish people in the ancient Persian Empire where a plot had been formed to destroy them.Based on the Biblical Book of Esther (Esther 9:22): “As the days wherein the Jews rested from their enemies, and the month which was turned unto them from sorrow to joy, andfrom mourning into [...]

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The Benefits of Butter

Although I’ve spent most of my life in the culinary profession, like most people, I was led to believe that butter was unhealthy, and didn’t fully realize the many benefits of butter until I attended culinary school at the age of 48.Butter is made by churning fresh or fermented cream or milk, to create a water-in-oil emulsion of butterfat, milk proteins [...]

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