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Air Filters 


“Indoor air pollution is one of the greatest threats to public health of any and all environmental problems“EPA.

We Breathe 17,000 Times a Day - Pure Clean Air is Vital for Better Health.

  • Improves brain function and concentration
  • Increases learning abilities in children
  • Gives a sense of happiness and improves attitude
  • Promotes better sleep.
  • Reduces allergy flare-ups
  • A healthy respiratory system builds immunity to illnesses

The Nutri-Tech Air Purification System is the only system that offers 10 complete stages that utilize the 5 most advanced technologies in the world to address the 3 major contaminant groups that effect indoor air quality.

  1. Particulate: Removes dust, pollen, and pet dander
  2. V.O.C.’s: Removes gases, chemicals and odors
  3. Bio-Aerosols: Kills bacteria, mold and fungi

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