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5 & 9 Layers of Perfect Heat-Conduction Design. The high-polished exterior defines an enduring, easy-care beauty that lasts carico-9ply.jpega lifetime. The high-grade surgical stainless steel interior resists staining, is easy to clean with no chemical reaction with food. The high-impact bonded base on our new Ultra-Tech II is warp resistant, providing superior heat conduction and maximum contact with the cooking surface. No need to use high heat. Medium to Low Heat is all you Need to Know.

Full-Body Thermal Core Construction. A perfect blend of metals and alloys. Heat is quickly distributed from the bottom up, the sides in and across the cover. It’s the best heat-conducting pan ever!

  • Layer 1: Surgical Stainless Steel (inside) – The most sanitary metal to come in contact with your food. Sunburst finish is easy to clean. No coating to come off in your food. Easy to clean! 5 & 9-PLY
  • Layer 2: Induction Compatible Surgical Stainless Steel (outside) – Mirror finish, long lasting, easy to clean and induction compatible. 5 & 9-PLY
  • Layers 3 thru 5: Thermal Core – Aluminum alloy, pure aluminum and aluminum alloy spreads heat quickly and evenly throughout pan. 5 & 9-PLY
  • Layers 6 and 8: Silver bonding agent/heat transfer. 9-PLY ONLY
  • Layer 7: Pure Aluminum – Spreads heat quickly across the bottom of the pan. 9-PLY ONLY
  • Layer 9: Surgical Stainless Steel – Long lasting beauty, easy cleaning and induction compatible. 9-PLY ONLY

“Healthy cooking is more than food selection. It is also how you prepare foods” American Heart Association

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