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CLOSEOUT SALE Sauté Fry-Pans Griddles USA 

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“How to cook the perfect steak”: Many recipes call for sautéing vegetable, particularly a mirepoix (a mixture of carrots, celery and onions used for seasoning), in oil. Although we do need some oil in our diet, the problem with sautéing vegetables in oil or butter is not so much the oil or butter itself, but the process. When vegetables are sautéed in oil, they do not properly caramelize and release their aromatic flavors into the dish being cooked. When caramelized properly, dry sautéed using no oil, the natural sugars and salts of the mirepoix are allowed to combine with the natural flavors of the other ingredients. The end result is more nutritional, flavored meals without the extra calories from oil and the dangers of added sodium (salt). Chicken, steaks and chops can also be browned without oil.

To cook breaded food and eggs, preheat the pan over medium heat 240°F (116C°) to 270°F (132°C), and use a small amount of unsalted butter or pure golden olive oil to prevent breaded foods and eggs from sticking.

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