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​Little Known Facts about the Culinary History of New Jersey by Chef Charles Knight

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The Original Spiral Slicer was designed by Executive Chef Charles Ranhofer of Leland’s Ocean Hotel Resort in Long Branch, New Jersey in 1894 to create his famous “Pommes de Terre Long Branch” – later known as Curly Fries.

Now you can be a Rock Star Chef in your own kitchen with a modern replica of the Original Spiral Slicer in stainless steel. New from Health Craft with razor sharp stainless steel blades, screw-on handle, winding rod and 3-prong extension. Makes a Great Gift for the Home Chef who has everything but the Original Spiral Slicer. At 10½L x 4½H x 2¾W it’s easy to clean and store.

For Curly Fries - Brush potatoes with a vegetable brush under cold running water, do not peel. Cut each potato into one long Curly Fry or Tornado Fry, then Soak in ice water bath, with 1 teaspoon lemon juice per potato added, for 1 to 2 hours before frying. Remove to colander and allow to drain thoroughly before frying. Fry in Pure Golden Olive Oil preheated to 360°F (182ºC) until crisp (4-6 minutes), drain on paper towels or brown paper bag and season with a combination of ¾ kosher salt and ¼ celery salt. Enjoy!

For Sweet Potato Tornados – follow the direction above - season with a combination of ¾ brown sugar and ¼ season salt. Enjoy!

Ref: Jersey Shore Food History page 29 by Karen L. Schnitzpahn 

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