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Rice, Grains and Pasta 

Pasta, Rice & Whole Grains

There is an exception to the rule of waterless cooking; pasta, whole grains and rice must be cooked in rapidly boiling Carico purified water so that individual pieces can float freely. Otherwise, these foods will stick together and cook unevenly.

Foods made from grains (wheat, rice, and oats) help form the foundation of a nutritious diet. They provide vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates (starch and dietary fiber), and other substances that are important for good health. Grain products are low in fat, unless fat is added in the processing, preparation, or at the table. Whole grains differ from refined grains in the amount of fiber and nutrients they provide, so choose a variety of whole and enriched grains. Eating plenty of whole grains, such as whole wheat bread or steel cut oats as part of the healthful eating patterns described by these guidelines, may help protect you against many chronic diseases.


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