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Food Cutters 

In the 1930’s Maurice H. Graham's innovations and aspirations allowed him to start his own business bearing his name: The M. H. Graham Company. The inventions of M. H. Graham revolutionized the very essence of the kitchen equipment industry, and with it he was able to make a lasting impact in the kitchens and lives of families all across North America. Many of his inventions had a profound effect in helping to shape the future of the industry. For his contributions, M. H. Graham is considered one of the most influential inventors of kitchen equipment of all time. Some of his most notable inventions and patents are listed below:

  • 1932 – Automatic Toaster
  • 1937 – Automatic Coffee Maker
  • 1939 – The Rotary Food Cutter
  • 1941 – Automatic Pressure Cooker
  • 1941 – Automatic Tea Maker
  • 1948 – Automatic Waffle Iron
  • 1949 – The Rotary Food Cutter (amendment)
  • 1951 – The Jet-O-Matic Coffee Maker
  • 1954 – The Rotary Food Cutter (amendment)

M. H. Graham’s greatest invention and contribution is considered to be the Rotary Food Cutter, due to the effects it would have on the cookware industry. In the 1950's a company based in Dallas, Texas would take the rotary food cutter, re-brand it as Saladmaster and used it to build a worldwide sales organization.

From 1930's to 1988, the M. H. Graham Company supplied direct sales cookware companies and restaurant suppliers throughout the world with their house-ware products. In 1992 the remaining assets and tooling of the M.H. Graham Co. was acquired by Chef Charles Knight of Tampa, Florida and the Original Rotary Food Cutter remains in production till this day.

The NEW and improved 2019 Rotary Food Cutters are now coming off the production line.

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