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Air Purifiers 

THE AIR WE BREATHE... Before you buy an Air Filter Checkout this Video

“Indoor air pollution is one of the greatest threats to public health of any and all environmental problems“EPA. We Breathe 17,000 Times a Day - Pure Clean Air is Vital for Better Health. 1) Improves brain function and concentration. 2) Increases learning abilities in children. 3) Gives a sense of happiness and improves attitude. 4) Promotes better sleep. 5) Reduces allergy flare-ups. 6) A healthy respiratory system builds immunity to illnesses

The Nutri-Tech Air Purification System is the only system that offers 10 complete stages that utilize the 5 most advanced technologies in the world to address the 3 major contaminant groups that effect indoor air quality.

  • Particulate: Removes dust, pollen, and pet dander
  • V.O.C.’s: Removes gases, chemicals and odors
  • Bio-Aerosols: Kills bacteria, mold and fungi

TRADE-IN your old Air Filter and TRADE-UP to our New Nutri-Tech Deluxe Air Purifier - Call for Details 1-813-885-5244

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