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Silver Sleep Collection 

AND A RESTFUL NIGHT'S SLEEP... Earthing Grounding

Ultra Tech Silver Collection Sleep System, with our exclusive Grounding Feature neutralizes free radicals for a most comfortable restful sleep. State of the Art “Silver Shield” eliminates EMF radiation from all the electrical components in your home. It’s just like sleeping on the beach.

Orthopedic features provides 4 adjustable comfort levels. Our exclusive Open Cell Foam, with breathing panels, will keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. This innovative mattress is made from the finest materials and adapts to the shape of your body in every position, keeping your spinal column in perfect alignment. Perfect for the back, side and stomach sleeper. Silver thread woven into the luxurious hypoallergenic silk fabric neutralizes mold, mildew, and bacteria. No more sleeping with millions of dust mites.

With all of our exclusive patented features and the life enhancing benefits they provide, it’s no wonder the Ultra Tech Silver Collection Sleep System is quickly becoming our top selling product. Vacuum sealed at our factory, it ships directly to your home and will easily fit through tight halls and doors.

Health Craft customers will receive a special promotion discount. Call to redeem your coupon today. 813-885-5244

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