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Ultra Tech Silver Collection removable Grounding MATTRESS TOPPER

1.00 Ounces

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Product Description

Our Ultra Tech Silver Collection removable Grounding Mattress Topper provides our patented “Grounding” technology, while adding comfort to address other brand mattress’ limitations. Our Ultra Tech Silver Collection Topper adds the luxurious softness of silk and hypoallergenic advantages of silver woven into the fabric. There’s no other topper like it in the world.

Ultra Tech Silver Collection Mattress Topper System is removable bedding that sits on top of your mattress. Adds a greater level of comfort of your existing mattress. Our high quality toppers add support to your mattress. Our Silver collection mattress toppers have silver threads woven into the luxurious, soft and comfortable fabric. Anti-Microbial, germ, virus, mold and mildew free, 99.9% bacteria free.  Patented Silver-Shield grounding feature, protects against electromagnetic fields. Washable, stays fresh, Thermo-Capsules help regulate body temperature. Take it with you when traveling. 

Toppers available in:

  • CALIFORNIA KING TOPPER 72x84"/182.9x213.4cm #BEDTOPPERCK3.2086.50
  • KING TOPPER w/Straps 76x80"/193x203.2cm #BEDTOPPERKG3.2086.50
  • QUEEN TOPPER w/Straps 60x80"/152.4x203.2cm #TOPPERQN3.1701.30
  • FULL TOPPER w/Straps 53x75"/134.6x190.5cm #BEDTOPPERFULL3.1551.50
  • TWIN XL TOPPER w/Straps 38x80"/96.5x203.2cm #BEDTOPPERXL3.1123.50
  • TWIN TOPPER w/Straps 38x75"/96.5x190.5cm #BEDTOPPERTW3.1123.50

A Good Night’s Sleep is a Critical Factor when it comes to Better Health. Without deep sleep, you may become...

  • Irritable
  • Moody
  • Inability to focus
  • Miserable all day…
  • and your body cannot rebuild or rejuvenate

Dr. Neil B. Kavey, Director of Sleep Disorders at the Columbia Medical found: “Sleep restores the body, muscle tissue is rebuilt and restored, it restores mental energy, affects our personality and our sense of humor, affects thinking, affects us physically, improves muscle tone and skin appearances”.

Do you sometimes wakeup and feel…

  • Stiff and sore
  • Tired and irritable
  • Congested
  • Your eyes red and irritated

The reason could be your mattress is:

  • Not providing orthopedic support.
  • Causing pressure points that make you toss and turn.
  • Filed with dust, dust-mites fecal matter and more.

The Better Sleep Council

Recommends replacing your mattress every 5 to 7 years because your old mattress becomes weighted down from years of accumulated; mold, bacteria, dust-mite fecal matter. All of which may cause allergies, headaches and congestion!

You spend one-third of your life in bed. So choosing the right mattress is vital to deep restful sleep.

The Ultra-Tech Silver Collection “PLUS” is the most advanced sleeping system TOPPER in the world!

Five Layers of Perfection

  • Stage 1: Provides an exclusive, luxurious and hypoallergenic Silk fabric woven with sliver threads, to create a bacteria free environment. Its construction supports airflow and temperature release.
  • Stage 2: Durable fire retardant layer. This is a revolutionary, Swiss made, nontoxic, laboratory tested material that provides protection from off gassing and toxic chemicals.
  • State 3: Our exclusive Silver Thermo-Fresh memory foam is embedded with silver ions to provide a 99.9% bacteria free environment. Designed to reduce pressure points, while regulating temperature.
  • Stage 4: Our patented Super Soft Foam formula provides an extra layer of open-cell, breathable foam to deliver a super soft comfort level.
  • Stage 5: Electromagnetic Silver Shield is crucial key to our patented “Grounding” system, protects against electromagnetic fields.

You are ALL exposed to electric and electromagnetic field “EMF’s” on a daily basis, and it affects your health:

  • Constant fatigue
  • Weakens your immune system
  • Negatively affects you general well-being and your natural electrical impulses

Natural electrical impulses control your brain, heartbeat, nervous system and digestions, and you don’t want them disrupted by EMF’s!

Studies published by The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine 2010-2014, show that effective “grounding” will:

  • Reduce Stress Levels:
    • “Improves sleep and reduces pain and stress.” – Dr. Maurice Ghaly
    • Improve Blood Oxygen Rates
      • “The body consumption of oxygen increases.” Dr. Gaetan Chevalier
      • Reduces Cardiovascular Risk
        • “Improves heat rate and lowers blood pressure.” Dr. Gaetan Chevalier
        • Improve Endocrine and Nervous System Functioning
          • Has a direct, beneficial effect on the regulation of blood sugar. Dr. James l. Oshman
          • Reduces Inflammation
            • “The technology is being used by professional cyclist on the Tour de France to reduce healing time and decrease signs of osteoporosis development.” The Journal of Inflammation Research

Recent evidence shows that being grounded is one of the greatest and most important health discovery ever!    

Now you can shield yourself from EMF’s while you sleep with our patented grounding system!

  • The Electromagnetic Silver Shield and the Silver Fabric combined with…
  • Carbon Fabric Encasement provides you the highest level of protection. Reducing the effect of electromagnetic radiation on your body.
  • Just plug in the Grounding Contact in to the ground plug hole on your wall outlet.

When you sleep on our Patented Grounded Mattress Topper it will shield you from EMF’s and you will receive many benefits…

  • Reduce muscle tension
  • Improve immune system response
  • Prevents chronic inflammation
  • Unlimited access to negatively charged free electrons
  • Deep restful sleep
  • The earth beneath our feet provides “Healing Powers”!

Ultra-Tech Silver Collection Topper includes 5 stages

  • Stage 1: Luxurious, exclusive hypoallergenic silk fabric is woven with silver threads.
    • Creates a bacterial free environment
    • Supports air flow and temperature release
    • Stage 2: Durable fire retardant layer
      • Revolutionary, Swiss made, nontoxic, laboratory tested protection from off gassing and toxic chemicals.
      • Stage 3: Exclusive Silver Thermofresh Memory Foam embedded with Silver Ions.
        • Reduces pressure points
        • 99.9% bacteria free environment
        • Adjusts to body temperature
        • Warm in winter / cool in summer
        • Stage 4: Carico SS Foam
          • An additional layer of breathable foam to create a super soft comfort level.
          • Stage 5: Electromagnetic Silver Shield
            • The critical key to our grounding system
            • Protects against electromagnetic fields

Vacuum sealed at the factory – delivered to you fresh.

Questions 24/7?

  • 1.800.443.8079 North America
  • 001.813.885.5244 Worldwide
  • CustomerService@HealthCraft.com

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